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All the Rage Back Home
Interpol — PLAYED 389 TIMES


All the Rage Back Home - Interpol.

Interpol need no introduction really. This is their latest single off their upcoming El Pintor album (due on 9th September, and sneakily an anagram of Interpol). It’s called “All the Rage Back Home”, and, as a good friend said to me, “Here’s the new Interpol. Surprisingly it doesn’t suck.” And I guess it’s often the expectation, or rather hope that a beloved band’s upcoming album won’t suck *cough* Editors *cough* that leads to the joy, nay, the elation when it’s actually quite good.

It’s good then that after a lengthy hiatus and a few side projects, Interpol’s first single does the opposite of sucking, and this bodes very well for the rest of the album. 

Contributed by @johnpienaar.


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